Harry Deitz will submit his caregiver yarn for a Pulitzer because of course he will

 Hey, Joe Pulitzer, waddya think?

Hey, Joe Pulitzer, waddya think?

From our deep background sources inside Not The Village Voice (Reading Eagle) comes wind that editor Harry Deitz is prepping up to submit his massive first-person “A Caregiver’s Story” for consideration for journalism's top award, a Pulitzer Prize.

Pulitzer Prize!?

Let’s cut off the snark right there, because in no way do we wish to disparage Mrs. Dietz and her suffering nor Mr. Deitz and his loyal and loving commitment to caring for his dying spouse. But making public a private person's sad decline and turning that into a sad tale about me, me, me is, well, let's just say some within the newsroom found it cringeworthy.

David Bowie’s caregiver will unlikely submit an article in competition.