Write your own instant Donald Trump song or short story or screenplay (yes, you can!)

Here's a fun sandbox you can play in all day.

It's called the Plot Generator, simple enough, and its algorithms let you craft short fiction or songs lyrics, in a variety of styles, in no time flat. Here's what the interface looks like:

After clicking song lyrics generator, I selected summertime song and filled in the text fields. (It's a long list, so a few at the bottom are cut off in this screen grab.)

And here is the result:

Catchy as hell, huh?

Can't wait to get started next on a work of horror fiction.




Why let the military have all the fun? Own your own drone!

No, it is not equipped with weaponry that can fire a hundred rounds a second to strafe the bad guys. But the Parrot AR 2.0 drone does (sort of) the next-best thing.

It flies! It hovers! It shoots high-def video! It is funky and cool!

According to the manufacturer, this "big boy's toy" can be useful for mine developers, urban planners, and emergency and disaster management. Others might conceive of utilitarian purposes that have not yet been made illegal, such as buzzing the bedroom windows of young ladies in their lingerie. (Key arousal for pimply boys.)

It also can be used to patrol the Pennside and Mount Penn neighborhoods where a burglary team is on the prowl. And it sounds like great fun when playing with the dogs, until they chew the $299 quadricopter to shreds.

I want one!

Why there'll never be another Steve Jobs

David Pogue nails it:

[T]he story of Steve Jobs boils down to this: Don’t go with the flow.

Steve Jobs refused to go with the flow. If he saw something that could be made better, smarter or more beautiful, nothing else mattered. Not internal politics, not economic convention, not social graces.

Apple has attained its current astonishing levels of influence and success because it’s nimble. It’s incredibly focused. It’s had stunningly few flops.

And that’s because Mr. Jobs didn’t buy into focus groups, groupthink or decision by committee. At its core, Apple existed to execute the visions in his brain. He oversaw every button, every corner, every chime. He lost sleep over the fonts in the menus, the cardboard of the packaging, the color of the power cord.

That’s just not how things are done....

Even at Apple, is there anyone with the imagination to pluck brilliant, previously unthinkable visions out of the air — and the conviction to see them through with monomaniacal attention to detail?

Suppose there were. Suppose, by some miracle, that some kid in a garage somewhere at this moment possesses the marketing, invention, business and design skills of a Steve Jobs. What are the odds that that same person will be comfortable enough — or maybe uncomfortable enough — to swim upstream, against the currents of social, economic and technological norms, all in pursuit of an unshakable vision?
Zero. The odds are zero.