Debauchery in Hollywood...everyone is a sex and/or booze addict

From Mark Bailey's raucous “Of All the Gin Joints," out this week:

“H. L. MENCKEN ONCE DECLARED, “I’m ombibulous: I drink every known alcoholic drink and enjoy them all.” A nice sentiment, but John Barrymore put Mencken to shame, such was the breadth of his taste for alcohol. When Barrymore’s second wife broke every bottle in their house, he drank all of her perfume. When he embarked on a 1935 boating trip with their daughter and discovered (once at sea) that the ship had been stripped of booze, he siphoned a pint of the engine’s coolant. Two wives later, he drank a goblet of boric acid intended to soothe his sunburn.”

Mix up one of Alfred Hitchcock's martini recipe — “Five parts gin and a quick glance at a vermouth bottle” — and enjoy.